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Leonte & Co. Import-Export SRL offers the following categories of services :

         Authorized Distribution

In Romania we are authorized distributors for the following technologies and recorded items :
Thermopressing Machine Sandblasters (Italy ) Eze Badge
Including the technology for customizing in chromotypography by thermal transmission on rigid surfaces (Italian origin). Sandblasters mini -cabinet
The sanding cabinet
Technology for the qiuck personalization in chromotypography of the badges and the promotional items.

   1. Carving

Prin By computer assisted mechanical carving can be personalized a series of products, like those realized on metal, glass, crystal, different plastic materials (metalex, acryl).
Most of the objects which are personalized by this method are from the Medals, Trophies and Promotional Object's category (postcards, clocks, various objects).
Moreover, by carving, but this time using the laser carving method, the acryl and crystal products can be personalized , either by two - dimensional carving (plain) or by the tridimensional one.

   2. Sandblasting

Sandblasting is more often used to personalize especially the Trophies made of glass or crystal.

   3. Thermo-Transmission

We offer this service on rough surface materials, like metalic, glass or plastic materials, but also on textile items (for example standards).

   4. Heat Printing

We personalize by heat printing with film a series of textile products, like those in the ribbon category.

   5. Screen Printing

This method is used in general for flags, standard and other textile material products.

   6. Other methods

We also offer other personalizing methods, such as chromotypography, including cast.

         Assistance and Consultation

We serve the client with all the information acquired in our experience, ensuring consultation in choosing the products, trophies or prizes in accordance with the events which you choose to organize, regardless the occasion, premier, anniversary, graduation, homage.

         Outlook and Production

We involve ourselves in various projects establishing the details concerning the outlook and production of unique or limited series trophies.

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